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Vapes are a great alternative for those who wish to inhale cannabis without all of the harshness that comes from smoking it.

Instead of burning dried cannabis, vapes use a superheated metal coil to heat up a cannabis oil to the point where it becomes a vapour for inhaling.

Vapes typically come as cartridges filled with cannabis oil that are designed to be screwed into a base that contains the battery for heating the oil. There are also disposable vapes with built in batteries and cartridges.


Legislation in Canada does not allow cannabis producers to add artificial or manufactured flavours to vapes, however producers are allowed to make vapes flavoured with the naturally occurring terpenes from cannabis. For this reason vapes with oil from very flavourful cultivars such as Kush Mints are extremely popular.


Cartridges: The most common form of cannabis vape. Cartridges contain the cannabis ingredient itself – normally CO2 oil or Cannabis Distillate (for more information on CO2 Oil and cannabis distillate visit EXTRACTION METHODS EXPLAINED). Almost all cannabis vapes are 510 cartridges – 510 refers to the threading on the cartridge, which is designed to screw on to a battery. A 510 vape cartridge can be used with any 510 vape battery, even if it’s not sold by the same company who made the cartridge.

Cartridges typically come in 0.5ml and 1.0ml sizes. The smaller cartridges can contain up to 500mg of cannabinoids, depending on the potency of the oil inside, while the larger cartridges can contain up to 1000mg of cannabinoids.

Disposables: Some vapes come as a complete system, where the cartridge and the battery are built into one device and a separate battery is not needed. These vapes are designed to be single use, so they can’t be refilled, and are simply discarded when the cannabis oil is used up.

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